Blueprints for Christendom 2.0

Mar 01, 2024
 - Mar 03, 2024
5350 Bill Pickett Trail
Taylor TX 76574
00 HRS

America will either have Christ, or it will have chaos. 

All over the world, Christians are waking up to this reality.  Many of them are embracing the idea of "Christian Nationalism." However, there appears to be an epidemic of what might be called "Frankenstein-Theology;" that is, doing theology "à la carte."

This same phenomenon occurred during the resurgence of Calvinism in the 1990's and 2000's. Christians began to embrace Calvinistic Soteriology, while maintaining several other doctrinal stances well outside the Reformed Tradition. And so the phrase "New-Calvinism" was coined. Suddenly, Calvinists could be Charismatics, Egalitarians, Dispensationalists, etc.  

I am incredibly grateful to see so many Christians from all kinds of different theological backgrounds begin to embrace the Lordship of Christ over every area of life. And yet, there is a particular, theological blueprint which champions the universal Lordship of Christ, and has stood the test of time.  In other words, there is a singular system of doctrine which possesses both fidelity to the Scripture and perfect cohesion, without  any contradictions.

The purpose of this conference is to equip Christians with the Blueprints For Christendom 2.0.

Start Time: 10:00:00 am on Friday
Time Zone: Central Daylight Time
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