Building Christian Boroughs: New Christendom Press 2024

Jun 06, 2024
 - Jun 08, 2024

Ogden Utah 84401
00 HRS

It’s time to build Christian boroughs in the spirit of King Alfred the Great.

Join us Thursday evening, June 6th through Saturday the 8th in the year of our Lord 2024 for the second annual New Christendom Press conference in Ogden, Utah.

This year’s conference is built around the theme of Building Christian Boroughs—a callback to one of the great heroes of the first Christendom, King Alfred the Great, who fought off invaders and ushered in a time of renewed Christian scholarship, faith, culture, and worship. To secure the people, Alfred organized the country into a series of interconnected and fortified town, often now called ‘boroughs,’ to provide a defensible refuge for the people to worship and build Christian culture.

Our time is not so different from Alfred’s. There are enemies invading and enemies within. There are churches to build, walls to put up, and culture to reclaim. In this year’s conference, we will focus on the core components necessary to make our own Christian boroughs across the nations—places of right worship, thick Christian culture, and ordinary fruitfulness. Expect to leave with practical instruction on establishing these kinds of churches, schools, businesses, and communities.

Along with quality teaching from such men as Dr. Joe Rigney, Dr. Stephen Wolfe, Pastor Brian Sauvé, Pastor Eric Conn, Pastor Joel Webbon, and Pastor J. Chase Davis, you can also expect some of the following:

We’ll sing Psalms with verve.
We’ll refrain from taking ourselves too seriously.
We’ll help you make the right kind of trouble.
We’ll plot to take over the world in Jesus’ name.

Musical Guest(s)

Start Time: 6:00:00 pm on Thursday
Time Zone: Mountain Daylight Time
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