Is the Doctrine of Purgatory True?

Feb 17, 2024
 - Feb 17, 2024
1311 Holman Street
Houston TX 77004
00 HRS

Calvinist James White and Roman Catholic Trent Horn will debate the doctrine of Purgatory. At the start of the Reformation, the question of Purgatory was front and center. After all, it was an indulgence that helped one escape Purgatory to which Martin Luther objected in the 95 Theses. Protestants argue that the finished work of Christ on the cross is sufficient for salvation. Roman Catholics argue that without a purging of sin, one cannot enter into the presence of God. Who is right? Both speakers are the top apologists in their fields, so this debate promises to be both interesting and important. We are only selling 250 tickets in advance for a 300-seat space. So please purchase your tickets soon to reserve a seat!


Start Time: 7:00:00 pm on Saturday
Time Zone: Central Daylight Time
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