Church & Family Life

Church & Family Life is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the restoration of biblical church and family life. To this end, Church & Family Life produces resources for equipping churches and families. It provides a host of supportive resources including articles, testimonies, national and regional conferences, instructive audio and video resources and books. It produces resources for personal and family equipping and pastoral training. Church & Family Life is also a connecting organization for churches and families through a growing database of biblically ordered churches near you.

Church & Family Life’s purpose is to correctly understand God’s complementary vision for church and family, rightly diagnose the problems that impede this vision, and effectively communicate biblical solutions that rebuild family-affirming churches. We do not believe that family-integration is the only—or even the primary—issue in selecting or establishing a local church. But it is unquestionably a defining issue of our day as the modern church has lost the essential familistic culture that we see modeled in the New Testament.

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